Atlas-O 6078 - 072/054 CURVE SWITCH RH

Article number: ATO-6078
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Atlas O switches, like all pieces of the 21st Century Track System, feature solid nickel silver rails with a true prototypical profile. Add to this, die-cast frogs and points with cast-on nut and bolt detail, realistic throw bar linkage, and metal guardrails and you have switches second to none. The switches are prewired for positive electrical contact throughout their length and come with remote control switch machines. And the switch machines can be placed in three positions! The points are sprung for non-derailing action. You can even adjust the spring tension of the points to meet your requirements. This O-72/O-54 Remote Curved Right Hand Switch offers dual curvature with the outside curve matching O-72 and the inside (diverging) curve matching O-54.

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