BRIO Smart Engine with Action Tunnels

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  • HIGH QUALITY - Our products use the highest quality materials, including European Beech Wood, and are extremely durable
  • SAFE FOR YOUR CHILD - We conduct more than 1,000 safety tests a year to ensure that our products conform to all safety standards, and we take pride in developing toys that are completely safe for children to play with
  • PRODUCT INCLUDES - 1x Play Figure, 1x Smart Engine, 1x Wagon, 1x Buffer, 3x Tunnels, 9x Pieces of Track, 1x Bridge, 1 Buffer
  • FUN FEATURE - Thanks to interactive smart technology the train communicates with the tunnels and bridge. It will stop, honk the horn, back up or blink its lights
  • LAYOUT - measures 23" x 20"
  • For ages 3 years +

BRIO World - 33873 Smart Tech Engine Set with Action Tunnels

The trains are more alive than ever!

Where will the train go next? And what will it do? It’s all up to the child to decide. Arrange the tunnels and station and watch a new train adventure unfold. Thanks to interactive smart technology the train stops, honks the horn, backs up or blinks its lights. The Smart Engine Set with Action Tunnels is based on interactive smart technology that opens up a number of different options for imaginative play.

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