ESTES 1924 - Whirlwind Air Rocket Launch Set

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  • Powered by AIR and hours of fun! No batteries are needed, which means it’s always ready to go. The Whirlwind Air Rocket comes fully assembled and the launch base will take just a few minutes to set up! Standing almost a foot tall, pumped up and ready to go, the Whirlwind can climb to 150 feet and "whirl" back to earth! The rocket’s foam nose cone creates a “bounce” for quick and easy recovery and it’s ready to launch again!
  • 3, 2, 1 LAUNCH! Watch the excitement take hold of your child as their rocket blasts into the sky
  • Experience their mind working as they learn where to chase after their rocket so it can be launched again and again
  • Watch the rocket “whirl” back to earth
  • Rockets launch up to 150-ft
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