Model Power Model Power HO Missile Force Set

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1 Loco and 6 Military Action Cars in One Set.  Road Bed Track allows for Quick Set-Up and Clean Up. Included power pack provides hours of uninterrupted DC power and accessory expansion with its fixed AC.

What's Inside:

  • US Army F2A Loco - Lighted w/8 Wheel Drive
  • 50' Flat w/Tank
  • Big Gun Car Rail Car
  • Q-Car Hidden Gun Car - Drop Down Side Doors w/Two Movable Tank Busting Guns
  • Operating Missile Launcher Car w/3 Missiles
  • Exploding Box Car - When Hit by SAM Missiles Car Explodes (spring loaded mechanism)
  • Bay Window Caboose
  • Power Pack
  • Oval of Track
  • Knuckle Coupler Equipped.
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