MTH - Premier 2022981 - M10000 DIESEL PASSENGER SET

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Directionally Controlled Headlight - Intricately Detailed ABS Bodies - Metal Wheels and Axles - Authentic Paint Scheme - (2) Precision Flywheel Equipped Motors - Locomotive Speed Control - All Metal Wheels and Gears - Lighted Cab Interiors - (2) Engineer Cab Figures - Metal Body Side Grills - Directionally Controlled Headlights - Die-Cast Truck Sides Unit Measures:51" x 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" Operates On O-72 Curves.

Among the earliest of the 1930's streamliners, the Union Pacific M-10000's sleek good looks attracted huge crowds - including an inspection by President Roosevelt - on its inaugural nationwide tour when it premiered in 1934. The 204 ft. long, three-car train was so well recognized and so distinctive in appearance that many passengers in the UP's territory referred to it simply as "The Streamliner," as though it were the final word on the design. UP employees responded to the engine's personality by nicknaming it "Little Zip." Little Zip represented the peak of aerodynamic design of its time - indeed it still looks startlingly futuristic today. The M-10000 was made out of lightweight aluminum rather than the stainless steel used by the Burlington Zephyr and other early streamliners, and its cars were 8 inches narrower and the roofs 3 inches lower than conventional railroad cars, which helped to cut wind resistance. Its design and construction allowed it to go 90 mph on straight track, with a maximum speed of 110 mph in the best conditions, launching UP into the race for the lightest, fastest, and most efficient streamliners of the day. Pull-out fact: The M10000 was powered by a 600 hp spark-ignition distillate engine, rather than a true diesel.

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