MTH - RailKing 30-4224-1 CSX DIESEL RTR FREIGHT - SD70ACe - W/3.0

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These deluxe freight sets are headed by the most modern and greenest power on American rails today. Designed to comply with new Environmental Protection Agency regulations, the Electro-Motive Diesel SD70ACe locomotive features a 16-cylinder engine that puts out 4300 horsepower - 10% more power than its predecessor with 50% less emissions.

In addition to the diesel motor, virtually every element of the SD70ACe has been re-thought to create a 21st century locomotive. Ergonomics were a prime consideration. The engine's angular nose offers the crew far better visibility than most other locomotives, and the cab is comfortable for engineers of almost any size. Digital screens provide a range of information on what is happening both inside the locomotive and out on the road. The cab easily accommodates a crew of three, and there is, of course, a cupholder for the engineer.

Our superbly detailed, top-of-the-line RailKing Imperial model of this modern freight mover features a full range of locomotive sounds recorded from an actual SD70ACe. Outfitted with twin powerful flywheel-equipped motors, all-metal wheels and gears, and our revolutionary Proto-Speed Control, our SD70ACe will haul long freights at any speed from a crawl to full throttle. Remotely activated front and rear Proto-Couplers allow you to pick up and drop off freight wherever you like.

Additional Imperial features on the SD70ACe include operating diesel exhaust smoke and flashing ditch lights. With the DCS Remote Commander handheld controller included in each set, you can activate all of these features anywhere on your layout.

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