MTH - RailKing 30-7009A - BUNK CAR CP RAIL

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Die-Cast Trucks Plastic Body Operating Couplers Plastic Undercarriage - Intricately Detailed Durable ABS Body - Metal Wheels and Axles - Operating Interior Lighting - Operating Die-Cast Metal Couplers - Colorful, Attractive Paint Schemes - Die-Cast 4-Wheel Trucks - Fast-Angle Wheel Sets - Needle-Point Axles Unit Measures: Operates On O-27 Curves.

Box-type cars such as boxcars, reefers and cattle cars are often referred to as "house cars" because of their shape. But the term is especially appropriate for this bunk car, which serves as sleeping quarters for maintenance-of-way (MOW) and wreck train crews out on the road. Like many of the cars in MOW or wreck service, it's recycled from an older freight car that was no longer fit - or legal - for interchange service with other railroads.

Think of a gang of workers sleeping on bunks in this car during the summer maintenance season, with little access to showers or air conditioning, and you can imagine how ripe conditions could get. Our model of this bare-bones version of company housing features interior illumination and makes a great companion to other MTH MOW equipment, like our engineering car, cranes and crane tenders.

High quality, traditionally sized RailKing Freight Cars provide detailed bodies and colorful paint schemes for the O Gauge railroader. MTH makes an enormous variety of RailKing Freight Cars, including many different car types and roadnames. No matter what era or part of the country you are modeling, RailKing is sure to have something for you.

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